Building Materials from Deconstruction Sites

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The second panel focuses on recycling the building materials from deconstruction sites. Eneli Liisma compares Estonia to the rest of the world and talks about where we are and what we could be doing better. After that we will hear about RCA (recycled concrete aggregate) materials as Luc Boehme from Belgium focuses on leftover concrete and its recycling as a filler material.




Lecture Eneli Liismaa

During the lecture, Eneli Liismaa talks about the re-use of building materials, and in addition:

The Concept of recycling
Recycling in Estonia vs. the World
Obstacles with recycled building
The future in recycling materials

Lecture Luc Boehme

During the lecture, Luc Boehme (KU Leuven) talks about recycling concrete aggregates:

Requirements for RCA
Conventional concrete
Enviromental Exposene Classes
Course recycled concrete aggregates
Influences on quality of RCA
Influence of parent concrete
Influence of attached mortal
Influence of production process on RCA quality
Water absorption of RC


A competition day will be held on the 20th of April for people to test their knowledge and participate in various workshops and competitions.

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Prizes will be awarded to outstanding participants.

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Taking place on the 19th of April, the main topic of the conference this year was Deconstruction and Renovation. This involves talked about smart deconstruction and the recycling of the resulting waste. The topic will also cover Estonia’s success in the field of renovation as representatives from prominent Estonian companies talked about recent deconstruction and renovation sites. The conference ended with a debate...


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