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1. Time and place

1.1. Competition is happening on the 15th of October 2020, from 12:30-14:30

1.2. The competition will be held at the assembly hall of Tallinn University of Technology (Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn, Estonia).

2. Objective of the competition

2.1. To popularized Construction engineering 

2.2. To offer the students who have chosen the construction field practical experience, let them test their theoretical knowledge, therefore giving their field extra value

3. Competition Base information and Instructio

3.1. The competitors must build a system of gutters on a wall out of rigid material, which a marble, dropped from above, must traverse in exactly the given time.

3.2. The time will be made known to the competitors shortly before the competition begins 

3.3. Stands, made out of rigid materials, will be secured to the wall at an 80° angle.

3.4. Usable build materials:

3.4.1.  A stand, made of rigid material, with measurements 70x100 cm

3.4.2. A piece of cardboard with measurements  600x800 cm 

3.4.3.  A derder, roll used to wrap toilet paper around

3.4.4. A plastic bottle

3.4.5.  Wooden Shahik sticks

3.5. Usable tools:

3.5.1. A Marble

3.5.2. Scissors

3.5.3. Stanley knife

3.5.4. A Pencil

3.5.5. A Ruler

3.5.6. A Hot glue gun

3.5.7. A Marker

3.6. Construction 

3.6.1. The time limit for the construction is 1 astronomical hour

3.6.2. For construction you can use only the given materials and tools (3.4 & 3.5)

3.6.3. The competitors must mark the start and end points of the system

3.7. Testing

3.7.1. After the time is up, the systems will be tested one at a time

3.7.2. The built system will be secured to the wall at the given angel (3.3)

3.7.3. One teammate will place the marble at the startpoint. From the moment the marble starts moving the timer will be started and when the marble reaches the marked end point the timer will stopped

3.7.4. The attempt will be considered unsuccessful if the marbel does not complete the entire journey eg it does not make it from the starting point to the end point

3.7.5. It is possible to make three timed attempts

4. Competitors

4.1. Competition will be held in teams of two

4.2. Competition will be free

4.3. The Competition will have no age restrictions

4.4. It is suggested that competitors come up with their designs beforehand

4.5. Competitors are reliable for their own safety and well being. The organizers will not be liable for any injuries or the consequences afterwards

5. Registration 

5.1. Registration will be held online at  BuildIT homepage

5.2. If there happen to open places than it will possible to register at on the spot before the beginning

5.3. After the registration the Competitors have given BuildIT right to use pictures and orvideo of them as marketing material

6. Point system

6.1. The teams will be ranked based on their point score

6.2.  Points will be calculated based on two factors:

6.2.1 How close they got to the time given- Based on how close the teams got to the given time, the closer they got the higher points they got; First 20 points, Second 18 Points, 16 Points …

6.2.2 Design- Systems will be ranked by how complicated and well design they are; the most complicated and well design system will receive 10 points, the next 9 point the next 8 and so forth

6.3. If two teams have the same amount of points the one who got the closer time will win

6.4 If two teams have the same best time then they will be ranked based on their second best times

7. Awarding the winner

7.1. Places I, II and III will receive a reward

8. Organizers and Judges

8.1. The patron of Marble Run is Innopolis Insenerid OÜ

8.2. Hosting the event: Student Council of the Faculty of Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology

8.3. Competition judge are:

8.4. Head Judge of the Competition is: Mattias Liiv


*Note the organizers of the competition retain the right to make any and all changes if needed

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