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To create an event, it is advisable for you to understand the answers to the following questions. This will save you time when creating an event on our platform.

Date and time of the event Date and time of the event

Some events have a precise start and end date and time. Other events may be continuous in nature and last for years.

Purpose of the event Purpose of the event

The goal is the expected result to be achieved by the event. In addition to the main goal, there may be secondary goals. Preferably, any of the objectives should be easily measurable.

Topic of the event Topic of the event

The topic of the event should briefly describe what the event will be about. It is desirable that the theme be interesting and memorable.

Target audience Target audience

You should try to describe your target audience in as much detail as possible. Also, decide which tools will be used to attract the audience.

Presentations and streams Presentations and streams

You need to determine how many presentations and streams are planned for the event.

Exhibitors Exhibitors

You need to determine how many exhibitors you plan to attract to the event. If there will be quite a few exhibitors, you need to think about their classification by thematic sections.

Event languages Event languages

It is necessary to determine what the main languages the audience will use to communicate, as well as what language localization options will be required for participants and visitors to the event.


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