Employers' seminar 20.04 and workshops

A career seminar for employers is carried out on 20th of April but it can only be seen in Estonian or Russian. If you would like to follow the career seminar please switch the page language either into Estonian or Russian. The agenda for career seminar can be seen below.

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NOW! Employers' career seminar agenda - 20.04

10:00 - 10:05
Duration: 5 min
Kai Miller- moderator

Kai Miller is the CEO of PARE, the Estonian Personnel Management Association. Previously, she worked as the head of Personaliuudise at Äripäev, organising conferences and seminars, managing radio programmes and creating content for the Personaliuudised.ee website. Kai holds a Master's degree in Language Delivery from Tallinn University. She also runs her own company, Miller's Publishing, which publishes a notebook for self-development.

10:05 - 10:45
Employers' and changing labour market
Duration: 40 min
Marie Evart- RecruitLab Marketing Manager

Marie Evart has been in the recruitment business for 9 years. She has worked as a recruitment consultant and in-house recruiter and is one of the founders of the recruitment agency Brandem and the recruitment technology company RecruitLab. Marie has helped many Estonian and international companies to recruit more successfully. She has run hundreds of recruitment campaigns, created employer strategies and helped recruiters and managers save significant time by automating recruitment processes.

11:00 - 11:45
What are employer's options to make the beginning of work smooth for employee?
Duration: 45 min
Natalia Horohordina- Head of talent acquisition and employment of Eesti Energia AS

Natalja is responsible for recruitment, succession and employee relations in the Eesti Energia Group. For 14 years she has enjoyed developing people-related issues in the energy world.

12:00 - 12:45
How to contribute into employees' training?
Duration: 45 min
Priit Orasson- Member of the Board of AS G4S Estonia

Priit Orasson is the Head of the Security Technology Division at G4S Estonia. He has worked in the security industry since 1996 and has been leading the largest security team in Estonia since 2015. Today's team size is about 240 people of which about 170 are technicians.

Illinor Siebold- Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund's employers' consultant

Working as an employers' consultant for the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund has taken Illinor to industry, construction and design. Each sector has its own labour and skills needs, where advice and support can be provided. Previous experience as a HR manager in the service sector has been useful in recruitment and understanding labour relations. Andragogue's education supports her as a mentor and trainer, a role that the current organisation enables and values.

13:00 - 13:45
What to keep in mind as an employer when offering a first job experience?
Duration: 45 min
Lea Kimber- HR Manager at Maxima Eesti OÜ

Lea Kimber has led the HR team at Maxima Estonia since 2018. Since then, the company with nearly 3,700 employees has made a number of significant changes in terms of employee onboarding and e-learning, mentoring and talent programmes. The focus has been on diversity and inclusion. Maxima's organisational culture is also changing to support a diverse workforce with common principles and values that are understood by all.

Madis Laid- CEO of ibis Tallinn Center and Member of the Board of Estonian Hotels and Restaurants

Madis is the General Manager of the Ibis Tallinn Center Hotel and a member of the board of the Estonian Hotels and Restaurants Association. He has been in the hotel business for 20 years, having previously worked as a hotel manager in Azerbaijan, Thailand, England and helped open hotels in Russia, Turkey and Estonia.

Kristjan Vanaselja- Co-founder and CEO of GoWorkABit

Kristjan has been working in the field of human resources for 15 years. He is the co-founder and manager of GoWorkaBit, an online platform for flexible working. He passionately believes that people should have more freedom to decide where, when and what they work. Greater flexibility is the competitive advantage of the future, both in recruiting employees and in achieving efficiency in your business.

14:00 - 14:45
How to become a dream employer?
Duration: 45 min
Kristel Maran- Vice-Chair of the PARE Executive Board

Kristel Maran will represent two organisations at the seminar. In her day-to-day work, she is the ERR's Staff Development and Training Manager and an advisor to the Board. She has also previously worked for over 10 years as Head of Marketing at ERR and has been involved in the Eurovision Song Contest ga since 2001. In addition, Kristel Maran is Vice Chair of the PARE Board and has represented PARE on the jury of the Marketing Institute's Dream Employer competition in recent years.

Marika Raiski- Public relations manager in Elisa Eesti AS

Marika Raiski has worked at Elisa for almost 14 years as a public relations manager and over 2 years as a management coach.

Marika is a results-oriented, systematic leader, who leads the team to the strategic vision of the company and supports her team members in the implementation of the company's key communication directions. As a leader, she empowers her people by helping them become the best version of themselves. Encourages people to develop and try new approaches.

As a leadership coach, supports development-minded leaders to achieve results and discover new ideas and perspectives. Marika does this by being an equal partner to leaders as a coach and by using self-awareness growth techniques.

Evelin Ausmees- Personnel specialist in Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

Evelin is a game changer with a long track record in marketing and HR. Involved in the Unemployment Insurance Fund's employer branding project since 2018 - initially on the partner side and from 2021 on the Unemployment Insurance Fund side. As of 2022, the Unemployment Fund will proudly carry the title of Dream Employer.

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