Choose where to study without leaving your home...

On February 18, the exhibition "Education and Career 2021" started and this year the event was released for the first time in an online format. If the offline event, which lasted 3 days, has already ended, the online exhibition is still working and will last until the end of April! The offline event was held in Minsk, but who said that information about universities is not relevant for applicants from other countries who would like to study abroad?

The Covid-19 has certainly changed the way people live. But not those who are going to enter educational institutions this year: their calendar is still waiting for open days at universities, buying reference books ... How to figure out where to go to study? And if you want to study abroad? The online exhibit has proven to be a valuable resource for understanding the diversity of educational institutions.

First of all, for a convenient reference point among dozens of universities, colleges, language schools. An online exhibition is not a directory where passing scores and a short excerpt about the university are presented; it is a platform where you can virtually communicate with representatives of the educational institution you like. In a personal chat or a convenient messenger (you do not need to download and install anything additionally!) Through the website you send your question - and you will receive an answer from the representative of the educational institution.

What can you ask about?

Yes, about everything that worries you: about new specialties, about what privileges future students have (scholarships, dormitories), about diplomas and even about how quickly and well graduates find employment.

Until the end of April, universities will present themselves and their programs for applicants. All information about a particular institution will be collected on a separate page. Probably, some of you have already decided which university you will go to. We are glad that you have made your choice, but here is our advice: do not be lazy to visit other universities as well - it will not take much time, and you can definitely benefit from an online walk. For example, comparing new specialties, conditions of admission and student life.

By the way, the pandemic closed the borders, but did not harm the Internet in any way. This means that thanks to the Education and Career exhibition, applicants will be able to communicate online with foreign universities: in the program of the presentation of educational institutions from Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Russia.

How not to miss anything?

You don't have to worry about this. Get a free e-ticket and browse the pages of universities, study the program of online events. Do not worry if you do not have time for the speakers' speech or presentation at the appointed time: live broadcasts will be available in the recording, you can return to them when it is convenient for you. The program also includes presentations on career guidance and live communication with interesting speakers.

Anyone can get to the exhibition, regardless of their actual location, and it's absolutely FREE! Get an electronic ticket to the exhibition and enter from any device at a convenient time from February 1st to April 30th, 2021!