The Future of Small Companies Hides in Digital

The key to a company’s success is the speed. The speed of reacting to economic changes, adopting new and efficient technology, coming up with creative solutions, innovating and reaching its target audience. Some things come easier for small-scale companies, other things work in the favor of big enterprises. Every company aims to be the giant of the industry or, as a very small company, at least spark the disruption. However, many of them don’t even realize that they have all the tools they need.

Only for the big gamers?

It has been quite a wide-spread belief that innovation is just for large companies that employ scientists and have large research and development facilities. While big companies definitely tend to have more resources to allocate, small companies can take pride of being more flexible, also oftentimes more creative and free to make quick, even spontaneous decisions that may lead to great success.

To put in in a very generalized way, it takes a good idea and a great team to make things work. That said, there are still some key aspects about success that boil down to money, or the lack of it. Money is needed for putting your brand out there, making it visible to customers and partners as well as maintaining good relationships with existing ones. Being small can mean less resources and smaller funds, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a smaller target group.

Plenty of options

Along email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, Youtube and mobile marketing, there are new platforms and tools emerging that allow companies to simultaneously apply product-centered and customer-centered approaches. This allows to stay on top of the expectations of the customers, meet those expectations and put the product or service out there. It is also a perfect opportunity to share ideas and – vital for any startup – generate new ones in collaboration with partners that may have not been accessible without intermediaries.

Cost-effective and flexible

OnlineExpo is one of those new platforms that makes the life of a small company easier and more diverse. Acting as a trade show, online shop environment and a communication site, it aggregates the most cost-effective digital tools for introducing the brand, reaching new target groups and selling the product or service. It also helps to cut down on marketing expenses, since it functions as a co-marketing opportunity that does much of the advertising work for you. It is easy to gain acknowledgement. And it’s cheap, too, since there’s no need to find resources for transporting equipment and employees to expensive exhibitions overseas.

The main benefit is the international essence of the platform. As the geographical borders disappear, the audience naturally becomes larger, encompassing different nationalities, countries, regions and ideas. and opportunities. A few decades ago local companies wouldn't even dare to think about getting into spotlight in the US, or on any other continent or region as a matter of fact, or at least it was a truly hard task to undertake. However, today it is one of the first things many starting companies consider - how to quickly enter the international market.


People’s habits have changed immensely over time, with the virtual world taking over. In the world full of opportunities the only reasonable way is going digital. It is not an option but a necessity. This is a very favorable situation for small companies, if approached in the right manner, leveraging all the benefits small companies have over large enterprises. So keep on growing and get ready for your big chance!