Why you should start talking to visitors

In traditional events, an organizer who cares about his audience will always greet the visitor at the front desk and, if possible, chat during those rare moments during breaks to find out what the audience thinks about the event. Unfortunately, not many people do this during virtual events, but in vain. A virtual event allows you to make not only a large-scale event, but also gives you more free time to pay attention to visitors. Here are some reasons why you should talk to your virtual visitors.

Surprise them with your personal greeting

Few expected that the main organizer would personally contact and say hello. Such attention is always pleasant, the virtual visitor will be pleasantly surprised and feel that they are interested as a visitor.


Feel the mood at the event

Virtual events have fewer opportunities to find out how your audience is doing. Contact the client and ask if the expectations from the event are justified.

Avoid dissatisfaction

Small dissatisfaction with some aspects of the event is acceptable, but not serious enough for the participant to report it. He can share his negative experience with his friends who were also going to attend a virtual event and are unlikely to do so now.

Build a community

Face-to-face communication will allow you to attract loyal visitors to your event, brand, or yourself. This will also come in handy in the future, because many events are held on the same theme every year and are traditional.

Get praise

Aside from potential critics, you will surely hear a lot of praise that you can share with your team and speakers to cheer them up. Remember that you can also publish positive reviews as a separate module at your virtual event. Visually, this will be a nice bonus for new visitors.

OnlineExpo platform allows private conversations during virtual events and you can easily inquire about your visitors and their needs. Connect with them during your events to build a loyal community of visitors around your organization. The conversation doesn't have to be just about work, the idea is to build trust with your virtual audience. These small conversations can provide valuable insight into how you can design your events with the expectations of future visitors. Don't forget that being friendly makes attendees feel more connected to your organization and thus increases the chances of seeing them at your next events.

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